"Den nya

     dagen gryr..."











Every day I have the opportunity to be in a truly creative
and inspiring environment. At Frilansbyrån Cirrus I share my
space with journalists, photographers and creative designers. 
We all have our own business to run, but are more than willing
to help each other out, collaborate or just simply have lunch


The assignments I take on varies from one day to another.
One day I may be translating a manual for polishing tools
or slurry systems, the next material for pet food recommendations
and the third I may be localising UI strings for mobile phones.
This means nothing is ever the same and my job never gets boring!
The fact that I'm always learning new things only adds to the excitement…


Usually, I'm contacted by translation agencies who have a translation request but it may as well be a private contact calling or emailing because translation services are needed. All assigments are equally important to me and a good relationship and clear communication with the client is always a good foundation for a great result